Pastor’s Word

I am very fortunate indeed to be pastor of Church on the Hill in Mesquite. I can truly say that this is what church is supposed to be.


I can truly say that without exception this is the warmest, friendliest church I have ever been part. These are the kind of folks you want to spend time with and when you leave you feel like you have been to church no matter how good or bad the pastor preached. I always look forward to being with the people God has put together in this place.


We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, and experience. We come from the North, South, East, West and yet we are very comfortable with each other. With a loving Spirit we discuss, plan, and work together because we all know “it’s not about me.”


Some of our people were raised in a church that only sang old time Gospel music, some were only familiar with the old Hymns, while some had never sang the Hymns. Some of our folks came from a very lively music with all the musical instruments and some came form churches with no instruments at all. With a great Spirit, we sing a blended version of music because “it’s not about me.” We sing because we love God, each other and are excited about being part of what He is doing. With great expectation, we look forward each week to see what God is going to do next!


Visitors are always welcome here, to attend anything we do from our meals to our business meeting. You are always welcome to become a part of our Family! Come and See!


Wayne Kolendo